My Top Ten Favourite Pairings.

I was tagged by user headcanonsandmore on ze Tumblr. I have too many ships from HP and they'd probably fill up the entire tag so I'll pick my #1 OTP from some of the fandoms I'm in. It'll be boring if I go with my HP ships only. RULE(S): Pairings could be from any anime, … Continue reading My Top Ten Favourite Pairings.

HP Talk: Why We Need Percy and Oliver interactions.

I've been thinking a lot about this and I would've loved to see some Perciver bonding in the books. Heck, I'm certain it happened but we just didn't see it. The Percy X Oliver dynamic is really interesting. Think about it; both of them are ambitious, even if it's about different things. Percy, when it comes to his academics, and ruling the Wizarding World, and Oliver, when it comes to Quidditch and winning the house cup. 

BOOK REVIEW: Written in the Stars [Discussion] 

Title: Written in the Stars Author: Aisha Saeed Genres: Young adult, realistic fiction. Publisher: Speak Publication date: 7th May 2015 12 MINUTE READ Trigger warnings: Marital rape, forced marriages, drugging, abuse. This book is not meant for younger readers and readers who only want their books to be fluffy. *This review deserves a repost as … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Written in the Stars [Discussion]